A Guide to Skin Care For Men

Skincare, you’re probably hearing about the importance of it more and more. So, we’ve put together a list of how your skincare routine should look.

Skincare seems to be at the forefront of our minds at the moment. Which makes complete sense. As we age, our collagen production levels decrease. This leads our skin to wrinkle or sag, which has us reaching for anti-ageing products and looking for a time machine. But this doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Simply take notes of our routine below and you’ll feel more confident in your skin.

A man’s skincare routine can drastically prevent ageing. So, the earlier you start, the better.

This article will take you through the differences in men’s skin compared to women's. And, why skincare for men is so important. We’ve also put together a simple four-step skincare routine for men. It’s easy, quick, and effective.

Is men’s skin different to women’s skin?

Yes, it is. There are a few factors that come into play here. Firstly, men’s skin is (generally) thicker and has a higher amount of collagen. Ideal! Collagen is the primary source of a youthful appearance.

Secondly, men have higher testosterone levels, which can lead to increased oil production and hair growth. Hence, those bushy beards and (in some cases) the need for more oil-prone skincare products.

Finally, men can sometimes have ‘rougher’ skin. This is because thicker skin and more oil can create textured skin. None of this is anything to be concerned about, though. That’s exactly what a man’s skincare routine is for.

Is men’s skincare important?

Yes. Skincare for men and women is so important when it comes to skin health. Not to mention, it does so much for our mental health. For men especially, a proper skincare routine can give us a much-needed bounce in our step.

Take a small amount of time out of your day-to-day jobs and general life to look after yourself, and in this case, your skin will show in more ways than you’d expect.

As a rule, we know skincare has its benefits. But, do you know the proper order in which your skincare products should be applied in your routine? We’ll get into the correct skincare order now and you’ll be fully equipped to take on your new routine and seize the day (and night).

Men’s skincare routine

Now, this is the good bit – let’s go through a step-by-step skincare routine for men. Follow these four simple steps and your skin will be thriving, and thank you for looking after it so well. Not to mention, it’s probably one the best things you can do for anti-ageing and it’s a massive mood-booster. Trust us.

Step 1: Exfoliate

When: 2 - 3 times a week.

Exfoliating is an easy step in any skincare routine, and it will do wonders! It helps remove impurities and dead skin cells. Exfoliating also helps the rest of your skincare products do their job. Because of exfoliation, your skin is receptive to the absorb all those excellent goodies your skin deserves.

It should only be done two or three times a week. This is because your skin has a natural barrier, to protect itself from potentially harmful environments. If you were to over-exfoliate, the protective barrier can weaken.

Key benefits of exfoliating:

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Prevent ingrown hairs
  • Helps skincare products absorb
  • Unclogs pores

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Step 2: Cleanse

When: Twice a day, morning and evening.

Cleansing is the perfect way to wash away the sleepy face in the morning, and then get rid of the day’s natural oil production in the evening. Lather your face in a soft cleanser and let it do its thing. After cleansing, you should feel revitalised.

Although cleansing has very similar benefits to the prior step, exfoliating, cleansing is a much softer, gentle step, which should be done daily to remove blocked pores and dead skin cells and improve the clarity of your skin.

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Step 3: Moisturise

When: Twice a day, morning and evening.

Moisturiser is probably one of our favourite steps in any skincare routine. It’s nourishing and leaves your skin feeling so smooth. Remember the natural skin barrier we mentioned? Well, this is the step that helps keep this intact. Moisturing helps protect your skin’s natural barrier. This protects your skin from things like the weather and pollen.

When we moisturise, it locks in much-needed hydration. Although it’s recommended that you moisturise twice a day, if your skin’s feeling a little tight or rough, apply that moisturiser throughout the day for ultimate hydration. Especially as the weather changes, our skin goes through a lot. So, a little more pampering can only do good things.

Top tip: If you’re also shaving during this routine, add some of our Post-Shave Balm at this stage.

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Step 4: SPF

When: Daily, morning.

The sun emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is damaging, specifically UVA and UVB. UVA rays can cause wrinkling and age spots on your skin, whilst UVB rays can burn skin.

SPF (sun protection factor) is the last step in a skincare routine. It’s a vital step in a skincare routine and should be taken seriously. Protecting your skin with a good SPF will help prevent signs of ageing, aid against sunburn, and reduce the risk of skin cancer from too much sun exposure.

SPF products are supposed to sit on top of your skin and create a protective barrier against UV rays. Using it last prevents it from being diluted or rubbed off by other products.

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