Are you ready to smell like a gentleman should? No, that doesn't mean like an Arctic Wolf or Extreme Sport. Cremo Company is proud to offer a more refined scent collection, it's what we call Good Uncommon Scents. And they're available in our Body Wash, Barber Grade Shampoos, Colognes and Cremo's new line of deodorants. Each layered and complex scent is made with a thoughtful blend of ingredients, not a pre-mixed formula with a cute name. Real gentlemen deserve better.

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Palo Santo

Known for its energizing and purifying powers, Palo Santo is a sophisticated scent that's smoky with leathery nuances that evoke a sense of mystery.

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No. 08

Bourbon & Oak

A smooth, lively scent with a spicy spirit. Bourbon & Oak is designed with a layered blend of distiller's spices, bourbon and white oak. It's perfect for the modern gentleman who's not afraid to turn some heads.

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No. 02

Sage & Citrus

A crisp, revitalizing scent for all occasions. Designed with an energizing combination of dry mountain sage, crisp mandarin and revitalizing patchouli.

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No. 07

Citrus & Mint Leaf

A brisk scent with the skin-tingling qualities of peppermint oil to cool skin as you wash. Designed with a forward-thinking combination of citrus, mint and added cooling ingredients.

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