Top tips for shaving your legs

Best ways to shave your legs

Whether you’re a track cyclist, competitive athlete or just like your legs smooth, shaving your lower limbs is an awkward skill that can be troublesome, and in some cases actually dangerous.

This is why it's so important to know how to shave legs properly; Otherwise, you're likely to suffer from things like razor rash, burn, irritation, or bumps when caring for your 'pins', which is never a pleasant experience.

If you've ever suffered from razor rash, burn, irritation or bumps when caring for your legs, you're not alone. Luckily, there are ways in which to alleviate the struggles of shaving your legs, for a nick-free, smooth and effortlessly close shave.

Cremo Shave Cream offers an impossibly slick formula which fights razor burn, nicks, razor irritation and burn. It’s perfect for giving you one of the closest, most comfortable shaves you’ve ever experienced, leaving your skin astonishingly soft and smooth.

The importance of having a routine

There are a lot of difficult questions that surround shaving, like "How often should you shave your legs?", "How to properly shave your legs?", etc, and they're difficult because the answer can vary depending on the person.

Therefore, having a set routine that works for you is extremely important in achieving the best possible shave.

Building a routine helps you prepare for your shave, the shave itself, and the after care.

If you start building out these 3 pillars, you’ll start experiencing shaving bliss.

Shaving your legs: A step by step guide

Cremo recommends the following steps to achieving that great leg shave. It’s important to remember that everyone is different, so experimenting and finding what works for you, your stubble and your skin is the best way to get silky smooth legs with no irritations.

Shower before shaving

Showering before shaving for at least 5 minutes softens the hair and opens up the follicles. Get your normal wash routine out of the way but don’t spend too long in the hot water before shaving, as your skin over time can start to wrinkle.


Exfoliating before your shave removes dead skin cells that might clog up your razor. Try using a loofah as part of your shower routine to aid in this process. smoothly shaven legs

Hair mapping

The first pass of the razor with any shave should be with the grain. Take a minute to map the direction your hair grows, paying particular attention to troublesome areas like your knees and ankles.

Lathering up

Using any Cremo Shave Cream, apply the highly concentrated cream onto wet skin until a light lather forms. Add water as necessary to keep slippery and effective.

The razor

Check the blade on your razor to make sure it’s still sharp. Poor shaves often stem from using a blade too many times and losing its sharpness. Finding the right razor for you is as important as the shave cream you use, so experiment to find the perfect fit. But remember, Cremo is formulated to provide astonishing results with virtually any blade.

The shave

For most people, the best way to shave legs is to use short and gentle strokes, while shaving with the grain and paying particular attention to problem areas like knees and ankles. Once the first pass of the shave is complete, you can re-lather and shave across the grain or against the grain. However, be careful on multiple passes. While you may get a closer shave, this can cause more irritation. Experiment and find out what’s best for you.

After care

Every pass of the razor removes a layer of skin. Although this acts as an exfoliant, it can also damage the skin and could cause dryness. Put moisture back into the legs by using a Post-Shave Balm. This will not only add moisture but nourish your skin.

Experience the best shave with Cremo

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