How to get rid of and prevent razor burn

Suffering from razor burn is a shaver’s worst nightmare. This problem can make shaving painful and difficult, but thankfully there are a number of remedies to provide relief, and we’re pleased to say we have your back.

What is razor burn

Razor burn is an uncomfortable skin condition that can affect your face, legs or other body parts after shaving. It is usually described as a red sore or inflammation of the skin. It occurs when a razor blade scrapes across the skin, removing the top layer of epidermis.

checking for razor burn

Preventing razor burn

Luckily, we can treat razor burn before or after it rears its ugly head. We’d like you to never have to suffer it at all, so take a close look at the tips below and see if you can apply them to your shaving routine.

Exfoliate before shaving

Clear the skin before shaving by using an exfoliant or Cremo Face Wash. Clearing the skin removes impurities which can clog up the razor and cause it to drag across the skin – not cool!

Take a shower

Not only is it nice for everyone in your immediate vicinity for you to take a shower, but showering or bathing for at least five minutes helps softens the pores and prime the skin. Don’t stay in too long though, as your skin will to start to shrivel!

Replace your blade

We get it, blades are expensive, and you want to get the most from them. However, excessive use can cause a blade to lose sharpness and clog, creating drag and friction which in turn causes razor burn. Try switching out blades every five shaves.

different types of razor for razor burn

Lather up

Make sure to lather up using a product like our Cooling Shave Cream. Shaving creams assist your razor in glide and performance, acting as a buffer between the blade and the skin.

Shaving frequency

Shaving too often will not give the skin the time it needs to heal properly from the previous shave. We understand, some people need to shave every day, but for those that don’t, try giving the razor a rest.

Map and shaving with the grain

A really important tip is to map the direction of your hair growth. In particular, pay attention to your neck, chin, knees and ankles. Hair in these places can often grow either sideways or upwards. When shaving, you always want to make sure your first pass of the shave is with the grain. Shaving against the grain can cause sensitive skin sufferers multiple issues, which include razor burn and in-grown hairs.

how to shave correctly to prevent razor burn

Apply a Post Shave Balm

Skin can be dry after shaving and, if left untouched, can cause severe burn. We recommend adding a Cooling Post Shave Balm. The balm is soothing and moisturizing, with added ingredients such as menthol and tea tree oil to leave skin feeling cool and refreshed.

The day after

Apply a moisturizer or SPF to nourish your skin and add some much-needed protection against dry skin.

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