How To Impress Your Partner This Valentine's Day

Welcome to your guide on how to impress that special someone this Valentine’s Day…

This Valentine's Day try to impress your partner with thoughtful gestures and of course, the gift of impeccable grooming. Whether you're in a new relationship or have been with your partner for years, the desire to make this day special is universal.

As we all know, Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, and what better way to show your partner how much you care than by getting them something to help them be their best self?

Here at Cremo, we recognise the value of personal grooming in boosting charisma and confidence. We're committed to assisting people in looking and feeling their best, especially on this special occasion.

Valentine’s Day ideas

Now, you may be a little stumped about how to celebrate Valentine's with your partner. And it can often become an expensive occasion. This is why we’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day ideas for all budgets.

Take a romantic walk

A perfect way of spending quality time together and totally free! If you have a favourite walk, grab your walking boots and tell your partner it’s time to go walk. And, if the weather is right, why not take a picnic and make a day of it?

Write a love letter

One for the old romantics, a classic love letter goes a long way, especially on Valentine’s Day! Take a seat and let your feelings out. It may feel a little strange at first, but new things do.

Cook your partner’s favourite meal

Perhaps a delicious paella is the key to your partner's heart? Whatever their favourite dish, whip up a storm in the kitchen to show them they’re your Valentine.

Treat them to dinner out

Sometimes, the most valuable gift is your time. Plan a special date night that allows you to spend quality time together. So, if cooking isn’t really your thing, take your partner out to their favourite restaurant to celebrate.

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift

Think about what your partner enjoys. Are they passionate about a particular hobby or activity? Tailoring the gift to their interests shows that you've put thought into the present. Listen for hints your partner makes about items they'd like to have. Paying attention to these clues can lead you to the perfect gift idea.

Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Now you’ve planned how to spend your day, you’ll want to get the perfect Valentine's gift sorted. Here is where we come in, below are some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men:


The gift of cologne, a true Valentine’s classic. Cologne is an intimate gift that shows you've considered your partner's preferences. Choosing a fragrance that resonates with them demonstrates thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

If your partner prefers a robust, masculine scent, choose the Bourbon & Oak Cologne.

If he is more into invigorating smells that add a spring to their step, choose the Citrus & Mint Cologne.

And for a more traditional scent with a luxurious finish, choose the Palo Santo Reserve Cologne.

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Shaving products

Who doesn’t need high-quality shaving products? Give the gift of efficiency this Valentine’s and let your partner know how wonderful a Cremo shave can be. We have a great selection of shaving products to suit, depending on your partner’s shaving preferences. Including excellent money-saving bundles!

From shave cream to barber grade razors, shop Men’s Shaving Products.

Body wash

Body wash may be a great Valentine's Day present for men. Given that most men use it on a regular basis, it's a practical and helpful. Choosing a high-quality body wash promotes much needed pampering, making it a romantic Valentine's Day present.

Shop all Men’s Body Wash.

Beard care

And of course, you wouldn’t be with Cremo if we didn’t speak about that all-important beard care. If your partner likes to spend time caring for his beard (or you think more time should be allocated for this!) Everything in our beard care and maintenance collection will help. From beard wash to revitalising beard oil, shop the full collection of Beard Care for Men and let us know what are your favourites.

Discover the best grooming products for men with Cremo

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