How to stop beard itch: A step by step process

How to stop beard itch: A step by step process

Growing and maintaining a beard isn’t always easy. If you think your bearded brothers haven’t experienced issues while growing their masterpieces, think again. Beard itch and dry skin are your worst nightmare, and unfortunately, if you don’t do anything about it, you’ll be reaching for your razor quicker than a politician’s promise on election day.

Enter Cremo, your bearded vigilante.

Why does my beard itch

Beards generally contain thicker hair cuticles than the hair on the top of your head. When the tougher bristles break through the skin, it can cause irritation and inflammation. Another beard faux pas is men don’t keep the beard moisturized or protect it from day-to-day elements. Because of this, beards dry out quicker, become flakey and can extremely itchy!

Itchiness in new beards

Anything new can be a shock to the system, and new beards are no different. At this stage, your face hasn’t been shaved for a couple of weeks. Shaving is an exfoliant, so without this, your face is building dry skin around your bearded region. This is what can cause the irritation and dreaded beard itch. why does my beard itch

Itchiness & fully-grown beards

Fully grown beards can require their own zip codes, and thus require maintenance. The common mistake men make with beards at this stage is not having a routine to keep the beard healthy. Itchiness can come from not exfoliating, not moisturizing and not properly drying the beard after a shower.

How to stop beard itch

The good news is you can ditch that beard itch completely by using these handy tips and tricks.

Start with a clean slate

Washing your beard once a day with our Beard & Face Wash is the perfect way to moisturize and remove impurities. Unlike normal shampoo, Beard and Face wash is tough enough for coarse facial hair, yet gentle enough for daily use. Make sure to rinse off any excess product once you’re finished.

Drying your beard

Make sure you dry your beard properly when wet. Leaving water in can dry your beard hair out and make it more brittle. Cremo recommends drying on a low heat with a hair dryer, or delicately using a towel to dry.

Comb or Brush your beard

Using a Beard Comb or Brush is a great way to stimulate your beard follicles and blood flow. This process can also remove impurities and act as an exfoliant.

Hydrate and Moisturize

Beard Oils and Balms help hydrate and moisturize your beard. These products are a must in combatting itchiness and irritation. This is achieved by keeping your beard soft, skin moisturized and flake-free. beard products to stop beard itch Try using these products at the end of your routine and before you brave the day. Using a Beard Oil or Balm also protects the beard from pollutants in your day-to-day social life which can lead to irritation.

Problem beard itch that doesn't go away

Sometimes it could get a bit more serious than just a common itch. There are just times when it all gets a bit too much. A lot of bearded individuals can suffer from acute rash or in-grown hairs which needs slightly more treatment. That is where Cremo Medicated Beard Cream comes in. Our Medicated Beard Cream contains 1% hydrocortisone. If you are familiar with hydrocortisone, you'll know that this active ingredient has special properties to help reduce swelling, itch and redness, especially good for your beard.

Experience Cremo today

Cremo has Astonishingly Superior products to your beard looking and feeling its best, so you can always Beard Boldly. Using unique ingredients across the range, your beard (whatever stage of growth) will get all the TLC it needs to be itchy and flake-free.

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