How to Stop Beard Dandruff

Our beards are an important part of our faces. We’re proud of these beards and we like to keep them well groomed. But when dandruff makes its way into our beards, we’re less than impressed. Does this sound like you?

In this guide to beard dandruff, we take you through what causes dandruff in beards, how common it is, how to prevent it, and how to treat it.

Flaky skin, get ready to find a new home – because it’s no longer welcome in our beards.

What is beard dandruff?

Beard dandruff is the flaky, dry skin that can get way too comfortable on the surface of the skin beneath the beard. It’s similar to the dandruff that happens on the scalp. It can be a concern for those boasting a handsome beard.

What causes beard dandruff?

The underlying cause of beard dandruff is often related to the overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus. It sounds worse than it actually is, so don't worry! There are a few factors that could be causing the beard dandruff. Let’s explore these possible causes:

Harsh weather conditions

If you’re often exposed to harsher weather conditions, such as very cold temperatures or dry air, you may be more likely to suffer from beard dandruff.

Poor personal hygiene

If there’s anything we know a lot about at Cremo, it’s personal hygiene and proper grooming. If you don’t clean your beard enough, it can end up with a build-up of dry skin. And that’s a recipe for a beard full of dandruff. Stay on top of your beard hygiene to keep it in tip-top shape.

Dry skin

Some people suffer from dry skin, even if their cleansing routine is on form. But there are skincare products that can be used to help relieve this. Get to know your skin type and its needs.

Is beard dandruff ‘normal’?

Yes! It is completely normal. A lot of people experience some degree of beard dandruff at some point in their lives. It can occur in those with different beard lengths too.

We recommend seeing a dermatologist if you have recurrent or severe beard dandruff so they can make an accurate diagnosis and offer suitable treatments suited to your individual requirements.

How to put a stop to beard dandruff

Now, the bit you’re probably most eager to learn! Let’s get started on some of the best ways to stop beard dandruff…

Maintain a beard-grooming routine

Invest in yourself and your beard by giving yourself the time you need to look after your beard properly. It can become a part of your daily routine (and you might quite enjoy the self-care!). Let’s lay out exactly what your routine will look like.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be taken as gospel. We get it, you’re busy and don’t want to spend forever exfoliating. But, if you can set some time aside to embrace our recommendations below this at least twice a week, your beard and confidence will see a huge improvement.


Gentle exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and prevent their collection, making dandruff less prone to develop. Use a beard exfoliating product or a beard brush to scrub the skin beneath the beard gently. Be careful not to scrub too hard because that could irritate the skin. Only two or three times a week is required for this. Any more can cause unnecessary irritation.


Just like we wash the hair on our heads, we need to clean our beard hair. Depending on the length of your beard hair, you can even blow dry it once it’s been cleaned! Simply lather a beard wash on a wet beard, and rinse. Here at Cremo we have a fantastic beard wash that also acts as a gentle softener. It won’t strip your natural oils and will leave your beard feeling wonderful and fresh.

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Use a moisturiser or beard balm daily to help keep your beard and skin hydrated. Using a good beard and facial moisturiser will reduce the likelihood of beard dandruff and generally dry skin. Our fast-absorbing beard cream softens and conditions facial hair while it moisturising the skin underneath to help soothe any irritating beard itch.

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Beard oil

Now, our beard oil is like our secret weapon (that’s not so secret!). Because dandruff is often caused by dry skin, combatting it with beard oil will make a huge difference. We recommend you opt for a beard oil with ingredients like jojoba oil and argan oil to help hydrate and nourish. Our Cremo beard oil includes both of these special ingredients if you were wondering.

Use a high-quality beard oil and massage it into your beard after your skincare routine. This doesn’t need to be done every day but try to do it a couple of times a week to see the benefits.

Top tip: If you’re trying to encourage growth - beard oil should be your best friend! It’s a fantastic way of ‘feeding’ your beard for a rich, full-looking beard.

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How can Cremo help with beard dandruff?

We pride ourselves on creating the best grooming products for men. All of the beard grooming products in our collection have been developed with the best ingredients to give you the best results. From combs to the best beard grooming bundles on the market, we’re here to provide you with the tools you need to have an amazing beard.

Discover the best grooming advice with Cremo

We also provide plenty of expert tips when it comes to growing and maintaining your beard. You can find everything you need for advice on men’s self-care, skincare, and essential personal grooming guidance. It’s all in our handy Cremo Blog.

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