How to style thick hair | Men’s Hairstyle

From dry ends, sporadic curls and non-existent volume, thick hair can cause you plenty of problems if you don’t know how to look after and style it. Luckily Cremo, along with Barber 'Arie Blades' from ‘Hall of Fades Barbershop’, is here to give you a helping hand in finding that right style for your hair type. Ever wondered ‘how to style thick hair’? Then look no further. If you want these styles and you have thick hair, then this is how we recommend achieving the look.

A relaxed look

How to style: Starting with slightly damp hair, work a small dime-sized amount of Matte Cream between palms and distribute evenly through hair. Then, using a hair dryer and brush, air the hair backwards and down. Barber Tip: Once you finished with the hair dryer, you can add more product as a finisher to tame flyaway hairs and refine the look.

A look you can restyle all day long

How to style: Work a small amount of Styling Cream thoroughly through damp hair. Using fingers, set the hair in the overall direction and shape you want it to look like. For added curls, scrunch hair in as little, or as many, places as you want to add curl. Barber Tip: : To really add curl, clamp down the hair into a fist and leave for truly clamped for 10 or more seconds.

A refined slick look

How to style: Start with slightly damp hair and work a dime-sized amount of Shine Pomade evenly through hair. Take a brush or comb and tame the sides of your hair back. Brush the top layer of your hair back and to a side, to get a nice seamless sweep. Barber Tip: Invest in an open paddle brush if you want to perfect this look. It allows for greater control over the hair, giving it a more uniform look.

A textured look

How to style: Starting out with dry hair, work a small amount of Thickening Paste into the palm of your hands. Using your fingers, work the hair from front to back applying from the roots upward. Create texture by taking different bunch of hairs at a time. Barber Tip: For extra texture, work more product into areas where you want to create more separation.

Barber - Arie Blades

Arie has been working as a Barber for 5 years and currently resides at Hall of Fades Barbershop in New York. After attending the American Barber Institute of Tribeca, Arie obtained her NYS Master Barber license just 2 months after school. Arie is inspired by everybody she works with, and all the female barbers around the world representing and honoring the great barber traditions. Check out more of Arie's Barber work on Instagram here.