The Ultimate Cartridge Razor Buying Guide

If you have ever shaved before you will know that achieving the perfect close shave can be difficult. Not having enough time, patience, or skill can be just some of the factors your shave isn’t quite right.

But the most likely reason for the less-than-effective result is that you don’t have the right razor. Finding the razor that fits the contours of your face, features and jawline can be tricky and time-consuming.

The shaving market is saturated with the latest and greatest products. There are a tonne of products on the market such as creams, foams, shave foams and of course, razors for that perfect shave and that is why we have written this guide to help you out.

What is a cartridge razor?

Simply put a cartridge razor is a razor where the cartridge can be detached from the handle and disposed of when the blades have worn out and need to be replaced. To ensure the closest of shaves, it is vital that your razor blades are sharp and the ability to easily swap an old cartridge for a new one is just one of the great things about this product.

Since their creation in 1970 cartridge razors have been the leading choice of razor for those looking for a great shaving experience. The introduction of the shaving tool changed the industry with its revolutionary design and innovative features.

Despite multiple different makes, designs and versions all cartridge razors consist of two components - the handle and the blade cartridge. The handle on the best cartridge razor is weighted and tapered - designed to promote proper balance and grip during the shave.

The cartridge houses the blades. The blades are positioned at an angle for maximum efficiency. The cartridge also incorporates a pivoting head, which allows the blades to glide freely without pressure and fit closer around the contours of your face, therefore, providing a cleaner shave.

The integrated pull-back trimmer allows for precise edging and shaping of beards, sideburns and other hard-to-reach areas.

Cremo Razor

Which razor is right for your needs?

There are multiple razors available for you to choose from. There are more traditional razors like the straight or scarily named cut-throat razor. This razor consists of one single blade that requires regular maintenance and sharpening plus a lot of skill to learn how to use it safely.

The safety razor is another single-blade razor. However, the user can remove and replace it once they become blunt, which is usually after three to four uses. Again, this razor requires a certain amount of skill to use effectively and safely.

Disposable razors are the most basic razor on the market and are designed to be used quickly before being thrown away. But they don’t produce the best shave and aren’t the best for the environment.

So, putting our 15+ years of experience in the shaving business, we can confidently suggest that the best razor available to help get you started and easily and safely improve your shaving results is the cartridge razor.

Why choose a cartridge razor?

The reason for championing the cartridge razor is because it’s the most common men’s shaving razor on the market. And, probably the one most shavers used to learn with, as it gives you a close and comfortable shave with relative ease.

Compared to other razors on the market, the cartridge razor is quick and easy to use, reducing skin irritation whereas the single-blade or safety razors are time-consuming, difficult to master and high maintenance.

While all three can razors can provide a close shave, the cartridge razor has been proven repeatedly to cut through tough facial hair across delicate skin better than the rest.

Facial hair is coarse and durable. It is the equivalent of copper wire of similar diameter and therefore requires a razor-sharp blade to cut through. As the hair grows out of soft and delicate facial skin there must be a certain amount of protection between the face and blade.

However, to make matters slightly more tricky, skin tends to move about, pull, stretch and bulge as you shave, which is where the genius of the cartridge razor comes in.

A multi-blade razor like the Cremo Barber Grade Razor negates this problem by having the blades positioned closely together, reducing movement and bulge allowing for a closer and smoother shave.


How many blades should you use?

A cartridge can hold anywhere between two to five blades because multiple blades are proven to give you a better shave.

But the amount of blades you use is entirely up to you as the perfect shave depends on various reasons such as skin type, stubble growth, technique and what products you use to shave with.

Five-blade razors were introduced to the market in 2005 and have been the leading ultra-close shave product ever since. The blades are positioned closely together to raise and cut facial hair easily while reducing bulge and flattening skin to get that smooth finish.

The skin irritation caused by the number of blades is reduced due to the addition of lubricated strips that produces a moisturising effect that hydrates the skin resulting in a refreshing and comfortable shave free of nicks, rashes and razor burn.

For example, the Cremo Barber Grade Razor features our unique formula that includes key ingredients from our legendary shave cream to enhance the lubrication process and a coated guard bar for a smooth comfortable shave.

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