Cremo Shave Guide: How to shave your head

Whether by choice or through genetics, one common hairstyle that everyone can achieve, regardless of hair type, is that of having no hair on the top of your head. If you’re planning on shaving your head, follow this handy guide, which will not only give your head a better shave, but also might save you a trip to the barbershop – and a few dollars.

The importance of having a routine

Actively building a routine for yourself instills plenty of good habits and increases the efficiency of the task you are undertaking. In setting a head shaving routine for yourself, you’ll not only get a closer shave, but over time you’ll decrease the time it takes to shave your head.

Using the right tools

Picking the right tools for the job is an extremely important part of getting a close and comfortable head shave. As always, makes sure you start with a fresh razor blade. In terms of choosing the razor, even though you can use a straight or double-edge razor, we recommend using a cartridge razor. When shaving your head, there will be plenty of blind spots and difficult-to-reach areas. If you’re not tried and true, you could very well end up cutting yourself, which from the head would result in a lot of blood – not cool.

how to shave your head

Shaving your head

Now to the interesting part, the actual head shave. Make sure you take some time out of your day before you begin, especially if this is your first time. A rushed shave can lead to poor results, and also a possible lack of blood.

Preparing the scalp

Shaving after a hot shower is one of the best ways to shave your head, as your hair is soft and can be more easily shaved. While showering, make sure to wash the hair thoroughly. You’ll also want to brush the scalp, which helps exfoliate the skin underneath and also primes the hair, ready for a shave.

Once out of the shower, if your hair is not already down to size, take a pair of trimmers and take it down to a ¼ inch. If your trimmer has settings, try a 1 or a 2.

Apply Cremo Shave Cream to the entire area of the head and make sure you add a small amount of water to create the super slickness you’ll need.

How to shave your head with a razor

Begin by shaving with the grain of your hair. Apply slight pressure and let the razor do the work for you. Hopefully, you might find the shave easier than shaving your face. The skin on your head is usually tighter and has a flatter surface area, allowing the blade to glide easier across the head.

Save the thicker or coarser areas, like the back of your head, for last. Angle your head so the skin is taut - you can even stretch the skin out with your free hand to make the area flatter.

Once you have finished the first pass, check for any missed spots and re-apply another round of shave cream to any areas you’ve missed.

Remember, the best razor for shaving your head is one that is sharp and clean, so don't forget to change your razor in-between shaves!

Post head shave

After the shave, run a small amount of cold water over the head and then pat with a dry towel. Apply Cremo Post Shave Balm to prevent irritation and razor burn.

If you want to keep your head hair free, we recommend shaving every 1-3 days, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

best shave for a smooth head

Protecting yourself from the sun

Another consequence to your freshly shaved crown is the effects from the sun. Without the hair, there’s nothing between your head and the sun’s harmful rays. To protect yourself, make sure you moisturize every day with something that also has SPF, like our Cremo Natural SPF.

Experience the best shave with Cremo

Cremo offers astonishingly superior products to aid you in your successful shave. Both the Lathering Shave Cream and Original Shave Cream offer impossibly slick formulas which help deliver an effortlessly close shave. Protect your skin afterwards with a Post Shave Balm, which adds moisture back into the face and protects from razor burn and rash.

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