How to apply cologne correctly

Ever been subjected to the other cologne’d individual? I’m sure many of you have experienced, and it’s usually a bad one. The wafting trail of the overly musked man is overkill and can instantly kill the mood before it has even begun.

How much cologne is too much?

Don’t be that guy that douses himself in cologne like it’s going out of fashion. Cologne by nature is very strong in scent, so too much can actually leave your (and others) nostrils in a sense of disarray.

Like most products for men, less is actually more when it comes to administering, and it is better to experiment by slowly adding than putting on too much and having to have a shower to remove the smell. Lisa recommends one spritz to each pulse point (what’s a pulse point? Don’t worry, we’ll answer that next) as best practice.

How to put on cologne

There are a number of key ‘pulse points’ that you should hit when apply cologne. A pulse point is an area on your body where your heart pulse can be felt. These are the best spots to apply scent, due to the warmth of your blood. The points are located behind your ear, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee.
Of course, we’re not saying you have to apply to all these points – we’d recommend just applying to the bottom of your throat (neck) for everyday use. If you are venturing out in to a noisy social scene, however, you might want to consider applying a small amount behind the ear, that way when people lean in to speak closer to you, they get an attractive smell to ponder on.

How to use Cologne

Depending on cologne, spritz or lightly dab on to specific pulse point. Then using your wrist, you want to press in to place so the cologne sits below the skin in the pulse point and not above the skin where it can slowly die away over the day. The wrist is a great method to place in to skin, as it is also a pulse point itself and so you can a lot more bang for your buck.

When should I put on my cologne?

There are many different colognes on the market, and although most men stick to a ‘signature scent’, you might want to also think about keeping a number of colognes in grooming rotation, depending on the event or the season. For example, a light-airy scent like the Cremo Blue Cedar and Cypress cologne is great for the Summer, with its top notes of lemon leaf, whereas, the Spice and Black Vanilla cologne, with its vibrant dark woods spice, may serve you better in the winter months.

It is also worth mentioning that the cologne you put on for the office, might not be the best cologne to wear to a night club. If you’re just in the market for one cologne as your signature scent, try to find one that fits with your personal lifestyle and habits.

Any other tips

Colognes are like a fine bourbon, with varied selections that will fit just about everyone’s pallets. However, when choosing your scent, there are some other things that need to be considered.

Skin type

Fragrances tend to cling to men with oily skin longer than those with drier skin, which seems to soak up the scent. When experimenting with cologne, try and assess which skin type you have, and adjust the dose of cologne accordingly.


Be mindful of your body and what you’re doing with it. Drinking, smoking and eating certain foods will alter the smell of your cologne. Having too much cologne on in a restaurant that serves Indian food for example, will result in your cologne mixing with the scent of the food, making it an interesting meal to say the least.

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