How to make your beard thicker

Growing a beard isn’t as simple as it sounds. Beard itch, beard dandruff (beardruff) and ingrown hair are problems many men face when they stop shaving. Other challenges include how to make the beard you grow thicker and how to reduce the appearance of patchiness. These are the questions we’ll be considering in this article.

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How do patches form

To understand the problem, it’s important to understand the issue. Patchiness occurs when little or no hair grows in a particular area; and it happens when the beard grows to different lengths in different areas. Sound familiar? If so, let’s figure out what category you fall into so we can get you the best solution.

Is your beard even patchy?

All too often, beardsmen reach a point in their journey when the early results are disappointing and they just give up. Or, guys dust off the razor because of the itchiness and irritation that accompanies the beard growing process. And some men give up due to a thin or patchy appearance. We’re here to tell you: don’t despair or lose heart. Even the finest most luxuriant beards go through a patchy period. A beard, like a glass, must be judged by the context. Is it half full or half empty; filling in or falling apart? It’s the time and the trend that determines one from the other. Maybe your beard only grows in patches; or, maybe your beard grows thicker and denser in some places and in other place needs time to catch up?

What we’re saying is this -- for most men, beards fill in over time, often only after a month or so of growth. For most guys, patches will get smaller and disappear with time. Beard growing isn’t a science but a journey! There is no set number of days or weeks required; everyone’s beard grows differently, but you must at least put in the time to get the results you desire.

I’ve given it a chance and I still have beard patches!

First of all, well done for growing your beard! That takes dedication. Give yourself a pat on the back—or the beard. But if at the end of 3,6,9 months (your beard is the judge), you find you’re still enduring patchiness, it might be time to consider other ways to achieve a thicker, fuller looking beard. cremo thickening beard cream

Thickening Beard Cream

Products help! Cremo has released a new Thickening Beard Cream for people who want to achieve a fuller, thicker beard. Of course, new and innovative beard products need a little explaining, So let’s look more closely at hair thickeners.

What is Beard Thickening Cream?

Growing a full, glorious beard takes dedication and patience. Throughout the beard-growing journey, you'll likely notice areas of patchiness or thinness. Don't give up. Repeat, do not give up. We're here for you. Our astonishingly Thickening Beard Cream quickly creates body, helping to fill in thinner areas while also maximizing overall volume. Even when your beard isn’t cooperating, our Thickening Cream helps you define, style and shape it. Every great beard deserves to realize its fullest potential but it doesn’t have to do it on its own!

How does it work?

Our Thickening Beard Cream is formulated with a thickening agent that works by binding hair strands, creating more thickness from each cuticle. This creates more volume, or rather, more beef, which gives your beard a thicker and fuller look.

How to use it

You can use a Thickening Beard Cream in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Pour a nickel sized amount of product onto your palm and rub vigorously between palms and fingers.

Step 2 – Apply product to the beard and work evenly throughout until fully covered.

Step 3 – Style and shape as needed.

Additional Tips

There are other ways to give your beard a boost and to achieve your beard goals. To assist the beard-growing process, follow these tips as best you can.

Before we start, it’s important for you guys to know this: even if you try all of these tips, there is no magic charm or guarantee that you will achieve a better, thicker, fuller beard. From experience, however, we know most of you can and will if you persevere and follow best practices. Our lawyers won’t let us promise-- those guys! They probably don’t even have beards.

In all seriousness, some men just can’t grow beards, whether due to age, genetics or other factors. And that’s ok. It’s probably the body saying, “Hey, you’re better without a beard.” So remember guys, just be comfortable with your style and what works best for you. That’s a true gentleman.


One of the most overlooked aspects of beard growth is the importance of a good, healthy diet. Experts recommend plenty of nuts, protein and to maximize the amount of vitamin C in your diet.

Now, you may have friends who eat poorly, drink whatever they like and have generally unhealthy lifestyles, who nonetheless sport amazing beards. What the heck, right? It doesn’t mean these remedies don’t work, it just means these people got lucky. They have different genetics. You’re goal is to have the best beard you can grow.


Building testosterone naturally through weight lifting and regular exercise, running, biking, walking are also good for a beard’s development, not to mention your heart health. Not only is it good form to stay fit, it also helps your body operate more efficiently, and this in turns enhances hair growth. Healthy body, healthy hair. The connection is real.

Skin maintenance

Beards generally grow in whatever direction they see fit, so we strongly recommend a good Beard Comb or Beard Brush to shape the beard into something that looks well-groomed, rather than the ‘just woke.” If you’re able to control the beard’s shape, this automatically makes the beard look fuller, thicker and more of a style choice than a face in need of a shave.

Thickening Beard Wash

Not only should you be washing your beard regularly to ensure the health and cleanliness of the facial hair and the skin underneath, you might consider a Thickening Beard Wash Formulated specifically for facial hair, this beard-worthy product won’t strip natural moisture. And, it’s scientifically engineered thickening formula builds volume as you wash, giving you a fuller, fresher beard so you can get out there and Beard Boldly.

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