How to style long, wavy hair | Men’s hairstyle

Long, wavy hair may be difficult to tame, but when you know how to style it, it can give you impressive volume and numerous looks. Cremo knows it isn’t always easy, so we’ve asked Barber “Arie Blades” for some extra tips and tricks to help pull off the hair style you’ve always wanted. Never worry how to style long, wavy hair again. Here are 4 different styles anyone with curly locks can use for different occasions. If you want these styles and you have long, wavy hair, then this is how we recommend achieving the look.

A relaxed look

How to style: Take a small amount of Matte Cream and work thoroughly into your hair. Take small sections of your hair and twist around fingers to create extra curls. Repeat this process as much or as little as you like, depending on how many relaxed curls you’d like. Once your hair is dry, use your hands and set loosely into the style you want. Barber Tip: Once you’ve let your hair dry, you might want to add a small amount of product again to tame stray hairs. This will help ensure your hair looks good all-day and not lose that relaxed look.

A look you can restyle all day

How to style: Apply Styling Cream to damp hair and thoroughly distribute from root to tips. Clamp down certain areas of your hair to create extra texture and waves. Finally, sweep the hair into the direction you want your style to look. Barber Tip: Change the style throughout the day by using your fingers to change the direction of where your hair sits. You can try it pushed back, to the sides, or all-over messy. The possibilities are endless.

A sleek look

How to style: : Using your fingers, apply a fully emulsified, dime-sized amount of Shine Pomade through the hair. Apply the product to your hair when it’s damp, and lightly push your hair back into the desired look. Barber Tip: You can add extra hold by adding a small amount of water to your hands and working evenly through the hair. Don’t add too much, you could end up washing the product out the hair. Experiment to find out what works best for you.

A smooth look

How to style: Take a dime-sized amount of Thickening Paste and fully work into hands. Work the product into damp (not soaking) hair, distributing evenly from root to tips. To tame waves, use a hair dryer and comb to straighten parts out. Using a medium heat, use the comb to straighten the hair and the hair dryer to set the hair in to place. Repeat this step until your hair has lost most of its natural wave. Once the hair is straightened, add a little more product to set the hair in place and smooth down any stray hairs. Barber Tip: Once you’ve used the hairdryer and shaped the hair until the look you want, switch the hair dryer to the cold setting and set the hair in place. The cool air will close the cuticle of the hair, setting it in place.

Barber - Arie Blades

Arie has been working as a Barber for 5 years and currently resides at Hall of Fades Barbershop in New York. After attending the American Barber Institute of Tribeca, Arie obtained her NYS Master Barber license just 2 months after school. Arie is inspired by everybody she works with, and all the female barbers around the world representing and honoring the great barber traditions. Check out more of Arie's Barber work on Instagram here.