Video conference backdrops designed for the true Cremo man

Wish you could be somewhere else? Join the club. The day we can all get back to our normal routines will come, but until then, we thought these backdrops could come in handy for your upcoming calls. Whether you’d prefer to be at a barbershop getting a hot shave or sipping fine whiskey in an upscale speakeasy, choose your favorite backdrop below.

You can easily download any and all backgrounds below. Here’s how:

Step 1: Click on any image to open it at full resolution.

Step 2: Save to your computer or mobile device. (You can either right-click or use your browser’s download icon.)

Step 3: Add to your background on video conferencing app or website.

Congratulations — you’ve taken your first step into becoming the coolest person in your video chat meeting!

The Barbershop

Cremo background

Beach Whirlaway

cremo background

Sorry, got poured on

cremo background

Nighttime Whirlaway

cremo background

Blast from the past

creme background

The Weekend Wheels

cremo background

Back to the Bar

cremo background

Nothing like the Old School

cremo background

No loitering outside, please

cremo background

The only sign we need

cremo background

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