How to style short, thick hair | Men's hairstyle

A short style is always going to be in style, and it’s a more versatile look than you might think. Luckily, Cremo, and Barber, Arie Blades, are here to help you discover all the simple and stylish looks you can achieve with short hair. If you want these styles and you have short, thick hair, then this is how we recommend achieving the look.

A relaxed look

How to style: Starting with damp hair, apply a small amount of Matte Cream and work thoroughly and evenly into your hair. Using your fingers, sweep the hair into place. If your hair doesn’t sit, use a hair dryer to blow the hair into place. Barber Tip: You can use Cremo Barber Grade Matte Cream both as a pre-styler and finishing product.

A look you can restyle all day

How to style: Add Styling Cream to wet or dry hair and distribute thoroughly. Create the look by loosely sweeping the hair into place with your fingers. For added texture, grab sections of your hair and hold in a fist for 10 to 15 seconds. Re-style throughout the day as needed. Barber Tip: For added texture and volume, sweep the hair in the opposite direction it naturally sits. Doing this causes the hair to sit higher than it usually would, allowing for increased height with minimal effort.

A classic look

How to style: Apply Shine Pomade to slightly damp hair and work through evenly with a comb or brush. Take your comb and brush the hair forward and back to create volume. Sweep the hair to your desired side. Barber Tip: Don’t use too much product when trying to pull off this style. The comb or brush should do most of the work.

A modern pompadour

How to style: Apply the Thickening Paste to damp hair and distribute the product evenly with a comb or brush. To create volume, use the brush and a hair dryer on medium heat and blow dry in an up-and-back motion. Barber Tip: Once you have the shape of your pompadour, take the hair dryer and use it on its cold setting to lock the hair into place.

Barber - Arie Blades

Arie has been working as a Barber for 5 years and currently resides at Hall of Fades Barbershop in New York. After attending the American Barber Institute of Tribeca, Arie obtained her NYS Master Barber license just 2 months after school. Arie is inspired by everybody she works with, and all the female barbers around the world representing and honoring the great barber traditions. Check out more of Arie's Barber work on Instagram here.