How to style short, wavy hair | Men’s hairstyle

Short, wavy hair may be difficult to manage, but with a bit of TLC we can transform that unruly mop into a stylish masterpiece. Luckily, Cremo has taken the guesswork out of finding the right looks for you. With a little help from ‘Arie Blades, resident Barber at ‘Hall of Fades Barbershop’, we’ll also give you some top tips and tricks to take your hair to the next level.

Ever wondered how to style short, wavy hair? Look no further. If you want these styles and you have short, wavy hair, then this is how we recommend achieving the look.

A relaxed look

How to style: Starting with damp hair, take a dime-sized amount of Matte Cream and work into your hands until fully emulsified. Next, apply to hair working from root to tips and thoroughly distribute throughout to get an even coating of product. Take a hair dryer and use the medium heat setting, directing the hair flow forward or in the direction you want your hair to fall. Finally, take your fingers and run through hair, creating extra texture where desired.

Barber Tip: Don’t spend too long using the hair dryer, just set the hair in the direction you want it to go and then use your fingers to do the rest. Using the hair dryer too long can damage your hair and also flatten this look, which removes any texture you’ve created.

A look you can restyle all day long

How to style: Starting with dry hair, work a small amount of Styling Cream into your cuticles from root to tip, working upwards and back to create separation and shape. Change your style any time, by running hands through hair and deciding on the look you want. Barber Tip: Create extra volume by using this product in wet hair and using a hair dryer to set in to place. Follow up with a little more Styling Cream for added texture.

A classic look

How to style: Starting with damp hair, apply Shine Pomade evenly throughout your hair. Using a comb, slick back the sides and create a defined part where you want it to sit. Using your fingers or a comb, sweep the top part over to one side and pull back the front to get that extra formal look.

Barber Tip: Add more water to the finished look to get extra shine. Not too much though, as you’ll end up washing out all the product and also losing some of the definition when it dries.

All-day volume

How to style: Starting with dry hair, fully work the Thickening Paste into your palms so it has emulsified before applying. Work product from root to tips and shape the hair in the direction you want more volume and texture. We suggest upwards and back.

Barber Tip: Try to let your hair dry in the opposite direction it usually does before applying. This will help create more volume.

Barber - Arie Blades

Arie has been working as a Barber for 5 years and currently resides at Hall of Fades Barbershop in New York. After attending the American Barber Institute of Tribeca, Arie obtained her NYS Master Barber license just 2 months after school.

Arie is inspired by everybody she works with, and all the female barbers around the world representing and honoring the great barber traditions.

Check out more of Arie's Barber work on Instagram here.