What beard products should I use?

With so many beard products on the market, it can be difficult to know which brand to choose, let alone how to take care of your beard. Making sure you get the most from our products — alone or in combination - is important, so we’ve assembled this handy guide to help you out.

Why are there so many different beard products?

As with shaving and hair care, there are as many different products available as there are needs to satisfy, problems to solve and goals to achieve. Beard products are no different in that regard, and because of varying lengths, texture and growth patterns, a beard needs just as much (if not more) TLC as your hair and skin. different beard lengths and sizes

Different beard products and when you should use them

There is some confusion for newbie growers, as to when and how to use beard care products. Like any thoughtful grooming regimen, beard care begins with the right product or products. We’re here to help you debunk the myths, learn best practices and get you on the way to your best beard.

Beard & Face Wash

Designed for all beard types, our Beard and Face Wash is the ideal shampoo for your beard. It’s specially formulated for beards and the sensitive skin beneath, to remove dirt and oil gently, without stripping moisture, leaving the skin refreshed and the whiskers astonishingly clean.

When do you use: In the shower or at the sink, daily or as needed. This is your pre-game preparation.

What’s it for: Removing dirt, excess oil and impurities from facial hair and the skin below. Cremo Beard and face wash

Beard & Scruff Softener

Our Beard and Scruff Softener is good for any beard size or type. It is like a conditioner but for your beard. Use it in the shower, leave in for 30+ seconds, then rinse out.

When do you use: In the shower after cleaning your beard and skin with our Beard and Face Wash

What’s it for: Softening and Conditioning the beard hair.

How to use it: Leave in for 30 seconds, then rinse thoroughly. Leave in longer for hair that is coarse, dry or stiff.

Beard & Scruff Cream

Our Beard & Scruff Cream is formulated to reduce the itch and irritation of early beard growth. It targets the skin, to reduce dryness and discomfort. Use on dry or lightly damp hair. For longer beards, you can use to style and shape.

When do you use: Before going outside and conquering the World, so every day.

What’s it for: Moisturizing facial hair, the skin beneath and light-hold styling of the beard.

Top tip: We recommend you use this product as a base layer, use every day like you would a moisturizer – your beard hair needs just as much love as your skin.

Medicated Beard Cream

Ever had a flare up you just can't stop picking/itching/rubbing on your beard? Medicated Beard Cream contains 1% hydrocortisone. If any of you have been in an unfortunate predicament with itchiness, redness or swelling, no doubt you have used this active ingredient before. Team that up with a product specifically formulated for your beard, and you're going to be breathing a sigh of relief, phew.

Beard Balm

For beards of medium to Viking length, a beard balm is used to style, shape and nourish facial hair. It does so with a little help from a blend of beeswax, shea butter and essential oils. Due to the shea butter and beeswax, our Balm provides stronger hold than our beard oil or scruff cream. This is especially handy for the fuller bearded among us, who struggle to tame the beast on their face. This product leaves a nice, healthy sheen.

When do you use: For special occasions, when you need to tame and shape your beard.

What’s it for: Styling and shaping ‘bigger’ beards. cremo styling beard balm

Beard Oil

For use on all beard sizes, this is the Champion of beard products. It’s reliable, extremely useful, and has ‘it’ factor – and may even win you the big game. Our beard oils naturally restore moisture and keep your beard smelling fresh, all while reducing beard itch. Our Beard Oils not only deliver a healthy shine but they’re lighter than Beard Balm and won’t weigh you down. A beard oil can offer deep hydration, for beards that need that extra moisturization.

When do you use: Every day after brushing your teeth or for when you want a deep hydration of your beard.

What’s it for: Moisturizing your beard and saving you from beard itch, it also gives your beard a nice shine and leaves it smelling good.

Can you use it in combination? Yes. On your base of Beard & Scruff Cream, Oil is a great finishing product. Allow the scruff cream to dry first, then apply.

How much is the right amount? Start with a few drops. Rub between your hands then apply throughout your beard. Use more as needed or required.

Caution: Too much can lead to stained shirt collars and pillows so avoid the wet-look and dirty looks from friends, lovers and anyone who does your laundry. best unscented beard oil

How do Bearded Brothers use all these products

A general beard user will want all of these products as part of their regime. A general rule of thumb is that you clean your beard in the shower with our Beard & Face Wash followed by Beard & Scruff Softener, and then, dependent on the look you’re going for (or whichever you are most comfortable with), use either a Beard Balm, Oil or Cream.

Certain beard aficionados love layering their beard products to nail down a certain style. An example of this would be using the Beard Cream as a light base, followed by adding a Balm or Oil. A top tip on layering, would be to never combine an oil and balm mix, as the result isn’t pleasing.

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