When Is The Best Time To Shave Your Face?

Most men shave as part of their morning routine out of habit. It’s what their father taught them. But, is there a better answer to the question, “When is the best time to shave your face?”

Let's take a look at whether you should decide to shave at night or in the morning. Plus, we’ll explore some other variables you may not have considered before -- no matter what time of day you shave.

Shaving in the Morning

First, let's take a look at why you should consider shaving in the morning.

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There are several reasons that shaving in the morning is beneficial with many men, in addition to being "traditional". Here are some pro's and con's.

Pro #1: Tradition

I bet most men around the world start their day off by shaving. Every time you do this, you are participating in a somewhat sacred ritual. It’s just engrained in men to start their days this way, it’s the literal way to start the day with a clean slate.

Pro #2: You Enjoy The Smooth-As-Glass Feel

There’s something about how a morning shave changes your mood. That smooth-as-glass feel makes you feel confident and ready to take on the day.

Pro #3: You're A Morning Person

Some people simply wake up more easily in the morning. That’s why it would make sense to shave in the morning, when you’re full of energy, alert and ready to fully appreciate it.

Pro #4: Your Beard Grows Back Too Quickly To Shave At Night

For some men, shaving at night is not ideal because their beard grows back too quickly. They have to shave in the morning because, well, if they don’t want to be sporting scruff, there’s no alternative.

Pro #5: You Simply Don't Have The Time Or Energy To Shave At Night

For some men--especially those who have kids or high-powered careers--the evening hours before bed are priceless. Even if you enjoy shaving, you may just not have the time or energy. This is your time to unplug and unwind. Enjoy it.


As you might suspect, morning shaving can have its drawbacks. Mainly, it’s a matter of time.

Con #1: The Morning Rush

Most people want to get as much sleep as they can. That means their morning routine is often rushed. Wake up! Shower! Brush teeth! Breakfast! Get out the door as quickly as possible. Shaving has to be squeezed in there somewhere and it can be tempting to “cut corners” (pardon the shaving pun) to save time. Cutting corners when shaving will often result in cutting yourself, razor burn or an uneven shave.

Con #2: Others May Notice Your Mistakes

When you take shortcuts, they’re bound to get noticed. Not the kind of attention you want, especially if you’re in a profession where you need to not only be on top of your game, but always look on top of your game too.

Con #3: Less Sleep?

If you need to spend the time to shave well up-front, you may have to build-in some extra time to do it properly. Waking up to 10-15 minutes earlier may make the process easier, but you’ll quite literally be “shaving” some time off your sleep.

Who's Better Suited for a Morning Shave?

So, who is better suited for a morning shave? Certainly the “morning person,” the person who wants (or needs) that clean-cut look, and the person whose job requires certain grooming standards.

Shaving At Night

Many find shaving at night a more leisurely activity. There are usually fewer demands on the shaver’s time and there is more of an opportunity to get that “perfect” shave. Night may also be an ideal time to learn new shaving techniques (like using a straight razor).


Again, the major “pro” here is all related to time, in several ways.

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Pro #1: There's No Rush

This may be the best reason. When you shave at night, you're doing it on your time. You can relax and appreciate the intricacy of the tools, savor the feeling of a perfect lather on your skin and reflect on the tradition of shaving -- an aesthetic approach to personal hygiene that’s been a staple in a man’s grooming routine since the stone age.

Pro #2: You Won't Be Tempted To Cut Corners

Cutting corners rarely provides the best results. When you shave at night, you can slow down and shave properly, while also giving yourself the time to do a proper post shave routine.

Pro #3: You May Get More Sleep

Many Americans have a significant sleep deficit, so instead of waking up earlier to shave, you can enjoy a few extra winks.

Pro #4: You'll Make Fewer Mistakes

Mistakes happen when shaving. We all know how awful it feels to nick your face and then suffer the embarrassment of walking around with those little dabs of toilet paper on your face. When you shave at night, you're likely to be more alert and able to concentrate on using your razor the right way to get the perfect shave.

Pro #5: You May Experience Less Irritation

A lot of men are expected to be both clean shaven and wear a nice collared shirt at their jobs. Although this can certainly make you look dapper, collared shirts and fresh shaves can lead to hours of irritation. When you shave at night, you are giving your face a full night of sleep to heal. So when you do put on that suit, you may not have to deal with irritation.

Pro #6: No One Will Notice

If you get a good, close shave at night, chances are, you’ll still look great through the next work-day.


While there are some really good reasons to shave at night, admittedly, it’s not for everyone.

Con #1: Your Night Time Is Too Valuable

As mentioned earlier in this article, the evening hours are just too precious for some men. The last thing you have time for is a nice, enjoyable shave.

Con #2: Growth By The Following Afternoon (If Your Beard Grows Quickly)

Depending on how thick your stubble is and how fast it grows, a “five o'clock shadow” may be more like a “1 o’clock shadow” for some guys. This may be problematic, depending on what kind of job you have.

Who's Better Suited for a Night Shave?

Shaving at night seems to be best for those who want a more relaxed, leisurely (but still focused) activity. If you shave properly, you may not only have less post-shave irritation, but also a shave that’s close enough to last through the following day. And if you’re not a “morning person”, this is one more way to get a little more sleep.

The Verdict

Really, the best time of day to shave your face is a personal decision. There are benefits to shaving either time of day. Whether you choose to shave in the morning or at night, the most important thing to do is enjoy it, take your time and use the proper techniques.

One Last Tip

No matter what time of day you choose to shave, there’s one last thing to keep in mind. The 30-minute rule. Wait at least 30 minutes after getting up from a laying position to shave. And shave 30 minutes before eating. Why? It’s all about blood circulation (particularly in the face). It’s closer to the surface after you wake up and after you eat, which increases your chances of getting a nick or razor burn.

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